Tony Cedras - Love Letter to Cape Town

Tony Cedras’ latest album ‘Love Letter To Cape Town’ marks a significant milestone in his career and, indeed, his life. It highlights his journey back home to where it all began in Cape Town, South Africa, especially Elsie’s River where he grew up. Having been away for almost three decades touring the world and eventually settling down in New York, he returned back home in 2013. Love Letter to Cape Town pays tribute to Tony’s ancestral soil and heritage and brings him back to the roots of native South African music and language.

Most of the material was recorded in Cape Town at Milestones Studios where a large majority of Cape Town’s legendary musicians, like Abdullah Ibrahim and Winston Mankunku, recorded their songs. The album also includes a US contingent of musicians who recorded in New York. The mixing was done in Cape Town and New York at Acappella Pictures. 

Four songs are internationally released as singles ahead of the full album version throughout 2015 exclusively by Bulldogfish Productions.