Peter Baumgartner - The Zurich Sessions

The Zurich Sessions are a musical get-together of finest international and Swiss musicians. They took place in December 2013 at the state-of-the-art 571 Recording Studios in Zurich, Switzerland. Singer, composer and guitarist Peter Baumgartner invited six highly acclaimed musicians to record his material. Over three days, the group jammed, evolved and recorded the songs in a relaxed but highly professional ‘session-like’ studio atmosphere. The whole crew and all musicians had a great time working under Peter’s lead on his catchy folk pop tunes and ballads. With minimal overdubs being added in the months following the sessions, world-class mixing and mastering engineers finally put their finishing touches on the recordings which were released as single and album versions throughout 2014. A ‘deluxe album’ version including the singles’ video clips and exclusive images from the recording sessions was internationally released in January 2015. All recordings were released exclusively by Bulldogfish Productions.